A little insight into the history of the company
A little insight into the history of the company
  • A little insight into the history of the company

  • To get to know us more and understand what has been done during our 15 years of operation, take a look below.
About the company

Our values


Quality both in the inventory we offer and in its installation and matching to your needs.


We complete our work on time, so that all celebrations and garden parties are not disturbed.


We have been engaged in the technical provision of events for 15 years. We worked not only in Latvia, but throughout the Baltics and Scandinavia.

  • 2008
  • 2013
  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2022

Establishment of a company

The company was founded on 01.08.2008. year, where 3 Latvian and 2 Swedish citizens saw free business opportunities and a good cooperation model, starting in event equipment rental business. The time of establishment unexpectedly coincided with the beginning of the period of economic crisis. There is an assumption that during periods of crisis, the strongest companies are formed, and SIA "Tent for Event Baltic" is a good proof, because the company has been successfully operating in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for 15 years. At the beginning of the company, one of the owners and one paid employee were active in it, and small premises of around 50 m2 were rented in Salaspils.

Establishing a basic base in Ķipsala

As the company developed and grew both in the local and Scandinavian markets, the rented premises in Salaspils became narrow and in 2013 the company established its main base in Ķīpsala by the Daugava itself, renting office premises with an area of ​​250 m2 and warehouse premises with an area of ​​over 1000 m2. By acquiring much larger premises, it became possible to modernize the maintenance of tents and inventory, as well as to increase the range of rental warehouse and the number of m2 of tents. In parallel with rental services, the company developed its well-proven inventory sales direction, becoming a Baltic sales partner of such internationally known brands as quick-folding tents "MASTERTENT" and functional, durable event furniture "ZOWN". The company creates a new brand and starts working under the name ONE4EVENT, because the rental range includes not only tents, but also furniture, stages, heating and conditioning equipment, etc.

The company becomes a leader in the tent rental market

Until 2018, the company successfully operated both in the domestic market, offering a full range of services and sales to Latvian customers, and also performed large-scale assembly works in the Scandinavian market. This was a record year for the company in terms of turnover, as well as the strengthening of the ONE4EVENT brand in the leading positions of tent and equipment rental in both the Baltic and Scandinavian markets. Having achieved new records and becoming a leader in the tent rental market, the company was looking for new opportunities for growth and development, which led to an agreement to buy out the company's shares from the owners of Latvijas 2 in order to realize its development and operating model, which would be aimed at creating greater added value for its services and products rather than simply providing labor for the needs of the Scandinavian market

Acquisition of industrial territory

With the expansion of operations and parallel thinking about the development of the production and industrial segment, it was clear that the company needs its own territory in order to realize all business ideas, to arrange the work environment in a much higher quality, as well as to control the independently growing premises rental positions. In the spring of 2020, the company purchased an industrial area in Salaspils, exactly where the company started its operations 12 years ago, with a total area of ​​12,000 m2 and a total area of ​​2,500 m2. It is significant that this moment coincided with the beginning of the Covid pandemic, which significantly affected the demand of the event industry, but at the same time, it allowed the company to quickly move and settle in its much larger and more comfortable premises, as well as to build a new office and workshops, as well as a large hangar for rental inventory for storage and maintenance of the inventory of special insulated PVC washing hangar tents.

Company diversification plans

The nearest future plans for the company are related to the diversification of its activities and the production of new products. SIA "Tent for Event Baltic" is the leader in Latvia in terms of the covering m2 area of ​​rental tents and also serves most of the most important and international events in Latvia, however, in parallel, it has managed to start successfully in the Industrial market, offering temporary warehouse spaces, as well as selling and assembling hangars of various sizes, halls and storage rooms. The company is a registered construction merchant, which gives ample opportunities to realize large-scale works. The nearest future plans are related to the construction of its own production facility in order to be able to offer the industry products developed and produced on the basis of its extensive knowledge. The core of the company has remained unchanged for all these 15 years of operation, and it is the professionalism, great experience and knowledge of our employees that make us the most professional company in our industry.